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Redeeming Africa

Connecting people to Jesus through evangelism and projects of charity

          KNOWING THEM

We have embraced a new ministry to the street kids in Mwingi, Kenya. Our first step to reaching them with the gospel message is to know who they are. 


Our second step is to love them by showing them that their current status doesn't have to determine their future and destiny. God created them in his image and he loves them with an everlasting love. 


Our third step is to transform them into productive citizens who love Jesus and are committed to sharing the gospel message with others. 


A new ministry to street kids is emerging and Redeeming Africa, USA is partnering with Beulah Christian Fellowship, Kenya in this noble effort to make sure it is fully realized. In December 2018, Bishop Gabriel and his wife Emily, while in Mwingi town in eastern Kenya had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Everything was looking normal until Emily noticed a cluster of street kids scavenging through heaps of trash for food. They were many and looked severely unkept. Emily quickly turned to Bishop Gabriel and exclaimed, “honey, look at all these street kids. This is very sad!” It is at that moment the Holy Spirit opened both Bishop Gabriel and Emily eyes about a need to have a ministry that would reach out to the street kids in Mwingi. Well, with this revelation, the Lord has gladly added some additional ministry into our plate and we have gladly accepted the honor to serve. Therefore, in subsequent months of 2019 we will be doing the following:

  1. Praying for clarity and for the direction the Lord would have us take.
  2. Gathering pertinent information about street kids in Mwingi.
  3. Developing an effective strategy based on the Lord’s leading and information we will have gathered.
  4. Determining what resources will be needed to effectively launch this redemptive intervention ministry.
  5. Implementing the ministry/project at God’s appropriate timing.

What is the Rationale for the Kingdom Kids Ministry?

  1. These street kids are lost without Christ. We will alter their eternal destiny and instill hope by bringing them to the full savings grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  2. These kids are devoid of any meaningful foundations to have bright and fruitful future. We will nurture them in faith through God’s word, peer mentoring and through basic education.
  3. These kids are starving for parental love, proper nutrition and clothing. We will demonstrate to them how they are loved by their heavenly father by being God’s image.
  4. These street kids are at a great risk of falling victims to destructive social groups or networks, e.g. gangs and terror groups.
  5. We have been commanded by the Holy Spirit to take on this task.

Our theme verse for the Kingdom Kids Ministry

Matthew 18:10, “Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.”


Going forward, we will need the following to make sure that we progress steadily in our vision to rescue some, if not all, of these kids:

  • Buy a 2-acre piece of land in Mwingi at a cost of $20,000 where the Kingdom Kids Village will be built.
  • Continue to collect information on these kids and develop an effective outreach strategy.
  • Retain an attorney in Kenya to help us design an outreach program that, satisfies all Kenya government legal and administrative requirements without diluting the essence of our vision.
  • Determine what category of kids including number, age, gender, physical fitness, etc. we can take into the Kingdom Kids Village.
  • Determine what resources including annual budgets, housing facilities, and personnel we will need to run an effective and a Christ-centered street kids rescue program in Mwingi town.


Kingdom Kids Outreach will be located in Mwingi town. Mwingi is approximately 135 miles east of Nairobi, Kenya. The dominant ethnic group is the Kamba people but, as all other towns in Kenya, different ethnic and religious groups reside in Mwingi. 



In anticipation of launching this outreach properly we are inviting Christians who love the Lord and sense a calling to minister to kids to contact us. Our long-term plan is to have volunteers remain in the mission field for an extended period to bond with the kids and to properly assess the mechanics and effectiveness of the program. As it relates to security, Mwingi is a very secure town, that's why we need to keep it that way by transforming the lives of these street kids and shield them from falling victim to destructive groups. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.